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A. No, these drugs are almost the same.

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Prednidale 25 Tablets for Dogs are oral tablets containing the active substance prednisolone. The product is indicated for the treatment of inflammatory and allergic diseases, including some autoimmune diseases and some neoplastic conditions in dogs.
Prednisone is sometimes used interchangeably with a similar drug called prednisolone. Prednisone is converted into prednisolone in the liver. Because of this, veterinarians sometimes prescribe prednisolone over prednisone to reduce hepatic stress in dogs with liver disease.
Prednidale 25mg Tablets are a steroid based treatment for inflammatory and allergic disorders in dogs. Most commonly prescribed for skin, eye, ear, and musculo-skeletal complaints, the active ingredient is a corticosteroid that also aids natural bodily functions following surgery.
Broad uses include the following: replacement therapy for Addison`s disease, an anti-inflammatory, an immune suppressant, and an antineoplastic (cancer treatment). Although they are distinct drugs, prednisone is quickly converted to prednisolone in the liver, so they are considered bioequivalent (equally absorbed).
Most vets will only prescribe prednisone for a limited time. This is because short-term use of prednisone has fewer side effects than long-term use. The longer your dog is given prednisone, the higher the chances of developing adverse side effects. Long-term prescriptions last about three to four months.
Prednidale 5 is indicated in the treatment of inflammatory and allergic conditions in cats and dogs. White, circular, flat faced tablets. Each tablet contains 5 mg Prednisolone. Prednidale 5 is indicated in the treatment of inflammatory and allergic conditions in cats and dogs.
Still, dexamethasone is more potent (stronger) than prednisone. If you`re in a situation where you need a more potent steroid, dexamethasone will likely be the preferred option between the two. It also works longer in your body than prednisone does.
Yes, Prednisone is safe for dogs, but like any medication, there are risks involved. Don`t use it for dogs who are allergic to it or dogs with viral infections, ulcers, tuberculosis, Cushing`s disease, or systemic fungal infections (unless it`s being used to treat Addison`s disease).
Prednisone is approved for use in dogs to treat allergic, immune-mediated and inflammatory conditions. Prednisone is also used off-label to treat Addison`s disease, lymphoma, and immune-mediated polyarthritis in dogs.
For instance, muscle weakness and seizures are listed. So, if your dog is prescribed prednisone, watch them carefully for any signs of side effects, including weak and shaking hind legs.
Common side effects of both prednisone and prednisolone include retention of sodium (salt) and fluid, weight gain, high blood pressure (hypertension), potassium loss, headache, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, acne, thinning skin, restlessness, and psychiatric disturbances (depression, euphoria, insomnia, mood swings …
The effects of prednisone are rapid. Improvement in your dog`s condition should be seen within 1 to 2 hours. This medication is highly effective, and that is why it is used in so many canine health conditions.
Some dogs are affected by atypical Addison`s disease, in which only the cortisol levels are low. These patients can be even more difficult to diagnose, as the characteristic electrolyte changes on bloodwork are absent. Once diagnosed, these dogs must remain on a steroid for the rest of their lives.
How does prednisolone work? Prednisolone enters the cells that cause inflammation and blocks the body`s inflammatory reaction. It reduces the symptoms of some conditions, but is doesn`t cure them.
Dogs that have taken prednisone for some time and then stop abruptly are in danger of entering an Addisonian crisis and can die. Symptoms of stopping prednisone can include vomiting, shaking, severe diarrhea, or collapse. If your dog shows any of these signs, it is an emergency.
The most serious prednisone side effects usually include allergic reactions, infections, gastrointestinal issues and elevated blood sugar.
Methylprednisolone is more potent than prednisone. Doctors can give methylprednisolone orally or through an injection, while prednisone is only available as an oral treatment.
Prednisone decreases inflammation via suppression of the migration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and reversing increased capillary permeability. It also suppresses the immune system by reducing the activity and the volume of the immune system.
Most adults and children can take prednisolone tablets and liquid.
One survey of owners has reported that dogs being treated with prednisolone become more vigilant and prone to startle, and it has been suggested that the long-term demand of hypervigilance can have negative psychological effects [16].
If your dog requires more than three to four months of corticosteroid usage, the condition should be re-evaluated or other treatment options should be pursued. Dogs on long-term corticosteroids should be monitored with quarterly examinations and with urine cultures and blood tests every six months.
Antihistamines: Oral antihistamines (such as benadryl, clemastine, chlorpheniramine, and hydroxyzine) are helpful to reduce itching in 30-40% of allergic pets; they are not as potent as steroids, but also do not have unwanted steroid side effects.
Once the dog is off the steroids, it doesn`t take long before the thirst decreases and urination habits go back to normal.

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ANSWER : A. You can specialise in different areas, for example small animal (dealing with cats, dogs, rabbits etc), large animal or equine (farm animals and horses) or zoo animals. There are differences between the anatomies of different species so a vet needs to learn about all of them.

Q. My cat is tilting her head and has unsteady, jerky gait. She is otherwise her normal self: eating well, eliminating normally. Difference in pupil size
ANSWER : A. Your cat has three signs that make me think of serious neurologic disease. One is that her head is tilted, and this could indicate involvement of the vestibular nerve. The other is that her pupils are different sizes. This possibly indicates a problem with the oculomotor nerve, although older cats can have slightly differently shaped pupils due to normal aging changes. The unsteady, jerky gait makes me concerned about a possible problem with the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls movement.

The important thing is to get your cat checked out by a vet, because these signs could indicate a lesion in the brain, such as a tumor. The tumor grows and presses on these nerve, and the result is that we see changes like what you’re describing. I’m not trying to scare you, but it should be checked out so that you can potentially start treatments that will help her.

Q. What brand of dog food should I feed my dog? She’s a husky mix and about 45 lbs. She’s almost 2 years old.
ANSWER : A. I would recommend Natural Balance at your local Petco store. Call the store and ask if they have a Natural Balance Brand rep who comes to the store and see when they come. Make sure the brand rep brings free samples with them. Normally they bring samples of the different flavors to the store and you should ask for some to try to see what your dog likes best. Offer the dog the different kibble and see which they prefer by holding them out in your hands and switch out the flavors. My dog prefered the Salmon based Natural Balance Synergy bag the best from all the flavors. I also found out he doesn’t care for the Bison Natural Balance even though a lot of dogs love it. The Petco may have free samples already so ask if they do. The pet store associates should be able to also assist you in finding the right food for you. The reason you want to go with a high quality high protein food vs the cheaper brands because they are grain free, no by products, and no corn. The cheaper brands have corn in it as the main ingredient and by product which is also very bad. When our dogs are forced to eat the cheaper brands they have to eat more to get the energy they need from the food resulting in more bowel movements and without the proper nutrients this can hurt their health later in life. The higher quality brands will be more cost per bag but you will be buying less because the dog eats less so you will be saving money that way and it comes out about even in the long run. Petco has a great Rewards Program so make sure to sign up and ask about the details on it. Every $100 you spend you get $5 in your email with the Pet Pals Reward Program.

Q. Can dogs take human antibiotics?
ANSWER : A. A lot of dog antibiotics are similar to human ones but doses are different and different antibiotics are needed for different problems. You should never self medicate your dog with any human drug without having seen your vet first.

Q. Is there any great difference between
Prednisolone & Prednidale, please?
Thank you
ANSWER : A. No, these drugs are almost the same.

Q. Whats a good type of food for a standard Klee kai dog? With in reason For price?
ANSWER : A. Taste of the Wild is a great kibble. Orijen is a great kibble. Ziwipeak is very pricey, but a great air-dried raw meat dog food. Honest Kitchen is also pretty pricey, but an awesome dehydrated food. You’ll have to do some research.. and remember to always transition from the old kibble slowly to the new kibble.

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ANSWER : A. If you can rule out a urinary infection (most common cause in cat’s urinating everywhere) the other option is something stressing your cat or your cat not been happy with your litter tray. Have you tried different types of litter, different locations for the tray or adding an extra tray for him to decide where is best to go to do his intimate things? There’s different things you can try just use the tips I’m giving you and if doesn’t stop ask me again.

Q. Why does my poodle sneeze only while walking never while sleeping, eating, playing. Her nose is runny too. She doesn’t show any other symtoms. Help.
ANSWER : A. Your dog may be sensitive to something she encounters while on her walks that she is not exposed to at any other time. Try a different route to see if the sneezing occurs less or at a different part of the walk, try walking her at a different time of day and make a note of where it is and what she’s doing when she sneezes. If the symptoms persist, it’s worth getting her checked by your vet for any irritation or foreign substance found in her nasal passages.