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A. Try putting an ice pack on, for example a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a teatowel onto the area to relieve the swelling and then you can use KY jelly to help slide the penis back in. If you e any other problems and it is still not working then call your vet.

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If the penis is stuck out for a prolonged period, the surface may begin to appear dry or irritated and may even begin to take on a purplish hue. Causes of paraphimosis in dogs may include: A congenital deformity of the prepuce or glans penis itself.
Balanoposthitis = inflammation of the penis & prepuce (the sheath of skin that covers the penis). The causes include: injuries, bacterial microbe infections, phimosis (constriction of the prepuce opening so that the prepuce cannot be drawn back to expose the penis), & tumors.
Treatment begins with gentle cleansing and liberal lubrication of the exposed penis. The penis is then replaced inside the prepuce by first sliding the prepuce in a posterior direction, extruding the penis further. This everts the skin at the preputial orifice; usually the prepuce then slides easily over the penis.
Paraphimosis Symptoms

Common signs of paraphimosis include: A larger than usual portion of the dog`s penis is visible. Your dog`s erection is not going away. The penis is definitely swollen.

It`s called a “copulatory tie”. Don`t do anything to try to separate the dogs, especially pull them apart by force, which could hurt them! Stay calm and wait for the dogs to unstick themselves. If they`re still stuck together after an hour (which is unlikely to happen), call your vet to get advice.
Paraphimosis is quite painful and thus medically urgent. It can also lead to death of penile tissues; an affected dog should be seen as soon as possible by a veterinarian. It usually occurs after an erection.
Swollen Sheaths

Swelling should improve, if not resolve, with exercise/increased movement. Other causes of swelling include excessive accumulation of smegma, low blood protein, infection and fortunately less commonly, infection secondary to penile tumours (squamous cell carcinomas).

The vulva will begin to swell during proestrus and remain enlarged to varying degrees throughout estrus and diestrus. The heat cycle occurs approximately every six months, and the vulva may remain swollen for about two months.
Wrap up a bag of frozen peas in a light towel and place over the area for 5 minutes at a time, which also helps to reduce swelling of the tissues. Packaged peas work well because they are very moldable around the dog`s anatomy. Lubricants, such as K-Y jelly, should then be applied.
Paronychia usually clears up with treatment. Some people get more than one infection, or the infection comes back after treatment (chronic paronychia). Untreated, the infection can cause damage to the nail.
Dogs remain stuck together at the end-stage of mating for five to 45 minutes, says Greer. The male dog dismounts and ends up rear-to-rear with the female. Dogs new to mating may experience a bit of anxiety at being locked together, but it`s a natural process.
Step 1: Grasp the puppy with a clean towel. Step 2: Applying steady traction, gently pull the puppy at a slight downward angle. Continue pulling gently and steadily until the pup is delivered. Step 3: If you are unable to remove the puppy, contact the veterinarian immediately.
Too much swelling or large amounts of swelling for a long duration can become detrimental to healing. Prolonged inflammation and pain can lead to decreased ability to activate the muscles and eventual weakness or muscle atrophy.
Swelling isn`t good for us all the time. It initially helps by recruiting healing factors that accelerate how quickly cells migrate to the site of injury – but swelling is also bad because it destructs and distends the tissues, and distorts the anatomy.
When to Seek Care for Swelling. You should seek emergency care if you have sudden, unexplained swelling in just one limb or if it occurs along with chest pain, trouble breathing, coughing up blood, fever, or skin that is red and warm to the touch.
If the swelling is large, painful or growing rapidly. If the results of the Whole Horse Exam (WHE) in the resting horse indicate fever (Temp >101F/38.3C) or heart rate greater than 48 BPM.
If you don`t treat the swelling, it could last up to two days. Giving your dog the proper treatment, such as an anti-inflammatory or antihistamine medication, will speed up the healing process.
Vaginal Prolapse in Dogs

Vaginal prolapse is the protrusion of swollen vaginal tissue through the vulva, the external female genital organ, during the heat cycle. In vaginal prolapse, the swollen protruding vaginal tissue may resemble that of a donut shaped mass. Sometimes the mass is mistaken as a tumor.

The high solute concentration of the sugar water pulls the water from the swollen tissue while lidocaine provides topical analgesia. This technique has been described on ALiEM for a case of rectal prolapse and in a 1998 case report.
Paraphimosis can usually be resolved manually. If not, minor surgical treatment may help. Personal hygiene can go a long way towards preventing paraphimosis. If treated quickly, the condition is not serious.
No dog of any age should be made to wait longer than 8 hours! Different breeds have different social needs: hounds are extremely social, but some “working” breeds and guard dogs are fine for 10-12 hours. Dogs can go for 8 to 10 hours without urinating overnight, while sleeping.
Licking is a natural and instinctive behaviour to dogs. For them it`s a way of grooming, bonding, and expressing themselves. Your dog may lick you to say they love you, to get your attention, to help soothe themselves if they`re stressed, to show empathy or because you taste good to them!
Puppies` position.

Puppies are normally born either head first or rear legs first. If the puppy is sideways or bottom first, they become stuck.

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Q. My boxers penis was stuck out and swollen towards the back but I was able to get the major swelling down and the sheath mostly back down but there is
ANSWER : A. Try putting an ice pack on, for example a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a teatowel onto the area to relieve the swelling and then you can use KY jelly to help slide the penis back in. If you e any other problems and it is still not working then call your vet.

Q. My cocker spaniel can’t seem to get on her back feet and it looks as though her back is arched when she is just standing and she is shaking as though
ANSWER : A. I recommend you get her checked out right away. It sounds like she has back pain, and potentially she’s showing signs of some neurologic dysfunction (not being able to use her back legs properly). If she has “slipped” a disk there’s a very short window in which medical intervention can help. An emergency vet (I’m assuming it’s New Year’s Day where you are) will be able to assess her neurologic status and provide the appropriate treatment to not only treat her pain but hopefully restore her neurologic function.

Q. Our 8 year old Chocolate Lab started sneezing. Violent sneezing; 8 – 15 sneezes. No mucus, no phlegm, she rubs one side of her head & eye is red.
ANSWER : A. Dogs can definitely get allergies to things in the air, so the sneezing, itchiness and red eye could be caused by that. They can also “snork” stuff up their noses – I’ve seen dogs do it with kibble, believe it or not – that then get stuck above the soft palate and cause violent sneezing attacks. Plant material can get inhaled and stuck as well.

Dogs can also get chronic rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal passages) due to infectious (viruses, bacteria, even parasites) causes or immune-mediated causes. Your vet should be able to tell you more after an exam and some testing. She may benefit from anti-histamines or other drugs, but it’s important to figure out the cause so that appropriate treatment can be determined.

Q. Cats legs and paws are swollen. In the morning her chin is but it goes away after a couple hours. Have any idea what’s going on?
ANSWER : A. If multiple body parts are swollen, or your cat’s head, face or neck are swollen it may indicate a severe allergic reaction. In these cases it is best to contact your local vet or emergency clinic as soon as possible for treatment.

If the swelling is minor, it may be caused by a number of things ranging from scratches or stings from bugs, allergies or a minor allergic reaction to a medication, food or treatment. Your vet can provide you with an over the counter antihistamine dosage to treat acute minor swelling.

Swelling in the body such as the chest and abdomen, or extremities can also sometimes indicate problems such as heart disease or other internal organ disease. If your cat is experiencing chronic swelling, scheduling a complete wellness exam with your vet is best.

Q. What is the disease that affects vertebra on Boxer dogs?
ANSWER : A. There are lots of problems with the back that can go wrong , however one common one is Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVD). This involves a gradual degeneration of the pads between vertebrae that are used to help pad impact and protect the nerves inside the spinal cord. This can cause pain, trouble walking, paralysis and more. Many other back problems can include Wobbler’s Syndrome- a problem where the neck and back meet, or even just plain injury to the back itself. Boxers that have docked tails may also have nerve issues in the cauda equina- a group of nerves that meet at the base of the back and tail and are important in proper function of the lower organs, tail and legs.

Q. Have a dachshund who is over weight but this past couple of days she refuses to go up steps and her left back leg is not being used, and she is guntin
ANSWER : A. This particular breed is very susceptible to back problems. Your dog is showing some classic symptoms of back pain- reluctance to climb stairs, weakness or inability to use a rear leg and grunting. Your dog should be examined and have radiographs of her back as soon as possible. Hopefully, she can be treated medically, but sometimes back problems progress quickly to something surgical. The quicker you get an accurate assessment of the extent of her problem, the quicker you dan get her some pain relief.

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ANSWER : A. Somewhere along the line she has learned that this gets her something she wants, attention, food, something, and now we have to teach her that behaving and being quiet gets her what she wants. Don’t reward her whining and bouncing by giving her attention. Instead, ignore her, going about your business until she quiets and settles down. THEN give her a treat, petting, and praise. She needs to learn that being the well-behaved dog is what will get her the attention she craves. Teaching her obedience will help her learn how to behave in various situations and to look to you for how to behave. And, above all, make sure your dog is getting sufficient physical and mental exercise every day. A tired dog is a good, happy dog and one who is less likely to bark and misbehave from boredom or frustration. Depending on breed, age, and health, your dog may require several long walks as well as a good game of chasing the ball and playing with some interactive toys. Kong toys filled with peanut butter are an excellent way to reward her for being quiet and keep her that way for a good while as she plays with her toy and gets the peanut butter out.

Q. My dog has ate a sock. Is it going to hurt her? If so what can I do
ANSWER : A. If your dog has swallowed a sock the possibility that it will hurt her is unfortunately pretty good. Socks can very easily obstruct the GI tract, and either get stuck trying to get out of the stomach or once they get out of the stomach they’ll get stuck in the intestines. The best and safest way to get them out is with an endoscope, which can be done if they’re still in the stomach. Otherwise surgery will have to be done to remove it.

Sometimes socks will come up when we make a dog vomit, but it doesn’t always happen.